In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to present a collection that was creative, meaningful and honored icons like Diana who paved the way for so many. #IFIWEREDIANA is Designer Letesha Renee's modern interpretation of Diana Ross’ style, power and genius. 

All pre-orders will be shipped on February 20th.



W O R K   W I T H  Y O U R  F R I E N D S. 

E U G E N E   T A Y L O R   X  O G

This collection is a manifestation of a few people that spent some time together. There were ideas shared, concepts considered and art that came to life.

In our city the only way to work, is to work with your friends. That’s where the real truth comes to life. That’s where the real conversation about our creative health begins. It’s where we continue to talk about what are we doing right and how to get better.

That’s exactly what the two collaborators did. They talked about ideas that they loved and brought them to life in a way that was true to both of them.

This is a celebration of life, love and art.

Please enjoy.


The #SideXSide Unisex collection is a reflection of equality. Each piece of clothing addresses what equality means to the designer, Letesha Renee. The comfy blending of color blocking, textures and designs reminds us of being blended into one brilliant masterpiece without judgment or restraint.The deep, bolder colors symbolize overcoming struggle to be equal; the single mom on the corner, the innocent man behind bars at 26th & California, the deported father separated from his family, the transgender teenager...equality isn't about men versus women, it's about people being people facing their struggle. We are people who were put on this planet to co-exist. We must not be confused about what equality is. Basic human rights are simple and should be easily understood. We are equal. Let's be equal.